Bed and Breakfast Deals

Bed and Breakfast Deals

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While planning vacations, most people look for a chain hotel. However, sometimes it makes sense to look for bed and breakfast deals instead. A bed and breakfast offers a personalized experience in a homelike atmosphere. After trying a B&B, many travelers discover that they never want to go back to hotels. Finding a good bed and breakfast is different from finding a hotel. The prospective guest should ask plenty of questions and do some comparison shopping before making a reservation. By keeping a few tips in mind, it’s possible to find outstanding bed and breakfast deals almost anywhere.

Hotel chains offer a standardized experience. They are predictable, impersonal and a little boring. A bed and breakfast offers an experience that is worlds away from that offered at most hotels. Guests can expect to be personally greeted by the proprietor of the inn upon arrival. In fact, it’s not unusual for the proprietor to call the guest in advance to confirm their reservation. It’s a much different experience when compared with a hotel arrival. With a bed and breakfast, guests are assured of receiving a prompt, warm welcome from their host. This personalized service is offered throughout the guest’s stay, and it makes the bed and breakfast a wonderful lodging experience.

Most bed and breakfast properties are located in houses that were once private residences. Many of them are historical, though some inns are housed in more recent construction homes. Rooms at a bed and breakfast are unique, with nothing cookie cutter or impersonal about them. Proprietors like to offer their guests something out of the ordinary. Accordingly, many rooms have a theme. Rooms at a bed and breakfast can be country casual or sumptuously elegant. It’s quite normal to stay in a room that has genuine antique furnishings and designer linens on the bed and in the bathroom.

Booking a stay at a bed and breakfast may be a bit different from booking a room at a hotel. Not all bed and breakfast properties have comprehensive websites, and even those that do have websites do not always offer online reservation capabilities. This means that guests may have to call the proprietor to make a reservation. Actually, it never hurts to call for a reservation, even if the inn provides an internet reservation system. Talking with the inn’s host before making a reservation makes sense because it gives the guest a chance to ask some important questions.

Guests should always ask about bathroom arrangements before making a reservation. Some bed and breakfast rooms feature a private bath, while others have a shared bath that can be quite distant from the reserved room. Guests who get up frequently at night may want to hold out for a room that has a private bath. Each inn is likely to have its own set of rules regarding pets, children and smoking. Anyone who smokes or is planning to travel with children or pets should inquire of the inn about any restrictions before booking. It is never safe to assume that it is acceptable to bring along a pet simply because the inn’s website does not address whether or not pets are allowed. Additionally, some inns do not allow children at all, while others permit children only in certain rooms. Always ask first to save frustration later.

The innkeeper is typically an expert on the local area. Accordingly, it makes sense to ask them questions about nearby attractions that may be of interest. Some bed and breakfast properties may even offer package deals that include a stay in one of their rooms and tickets to a local museum or other destination. Prospective guests would also do well to inquire about specials the inn is offering. Packages that include romantic touches like a bottle of champagne, fresh strawberries and fine chocolates in the reserved room can be the perfect complement to an anniversary weekend. Occasionally, bed and breakfast proprietors also arrange for guests to have spa treatments in their rooms, providing special pricing when guests reserve a room and massage.

Getting great bed and breakfast deals requires some comparison shopping. The Internet is a useful tool for locating bed and breakfast properties in the desired destination and providing basic details about each inn. Some websites will offer coupons and discounts that can be redeemed when calling to make a reservation. Many inns sometimes also provide special pricing for guests who stay on multiple nights, including a night for free or at a reduced cost when guests pay for two full price nights. Guests may also score a deal by making reservations for Sunday through Wednesday nights. Traditionally, bed and breakfasts have more vacancies on these nights and reduce prices to help bolster reservations.

It makes sense to book reservations well in advance, when prices tend to be lower. Booking three to six months before a stay usually nets a good deal. Still, last minute browsers can do well. When other guests cancel, it can be an excellent opportunity for flexible travelers to save some money, since the innkeeper will be anxious not to have vacancies. Travelers should definitely consider booking a room during the off season. These colder, rainier months usually mean higher vacancy rates at bed and breakfasts, and proprietors look for creative ways to fill empty rooms. It is during these months that innkeepers offer some of their biggest discounts and best package deals.

Getting a great deal on a bed and breakfast takes quite a bit of internet research and some phone calls. Potential guests should ask many questions in order to completely understand the policies and amenities at the bed and breakfast of their choice. It makes sense to inquire about additional perks the inn may offer, like romance packages, in room spa treatments or discounts on attractions. These inns provide unique, highly personalized experiences that are wholly unlike those found at hotels, and they can be found with a few clicks of a mouse.

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